VACATION SMALL GROUP FITNESS WORKOUTS are being offered by Kerry Spear from mid-December through mid-January. Each 50 minute class will cover a variety of Healthy Back and Balance/Pilates Yoga Blend/Healthy Back Yoga exercises. We will incorporate fit balls, foam rollers, small balls and resistance bands similar to Kerry's classes through Stanford's Health Improvement Program during the academic year. Additionally, access and coaching on the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair, Exo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Core Align and Bohdi Suspension systems are available.

Location: Pilates Palo Alto, 437 Cambridge Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (behind Country Sun on California Avenue)

Fees: $30 per person

Group Size: 3 (minimum) - 4 (maximum) participants

Class Dates and Times:

  1. Thursday, 12/14: 8am and 9am <-- BOTH FILLED
  2. Monday, 12/18: noon and 1pm <-- ONE SPACE LEFT AT NOON, 3 open at 1pm
  3. Tuesday, 12/19: noon and 1pm <--OPEN SPACES
  4. Thursday, 12/21: 8am and 9am <--8AM FILLED, 2 SPACES OPEN at 9am
  5. Tuesday, 12/26: noon and 1pm <-- BOTH TIMES FILLED
  6. Thursday, 12/28: noon and 1pm <-- 1 SPACE OPEN noon and also 1pm
  7. Friday, 12/29: 8am, 9am, noon and 1pm <--8am and 1pm OPEN, 9am and noon 2 SPACES OPEN
  8. Saturday, 12/30: 8am <--FILLED
  9. Thursday, 1/4: noon and 1pm <-- 1 SPACE OPEN at noon, 1pm FILLED
  10. Friday, 1/5: 8am, 9am, noon and 1pm <--8am FILLED, 9am and 1pm OPEN
  11. Saturday, 1/6: 8am <--2 SPACES OPEN
  12. Friday, 1/12: 8am, 9am <--8am OPEN, 9am FILLED
  13. Saturday, 1/13: 8am <--1 SPACE OPEN

Studio Rules Apply - reservations only, no drop-ins, payment at time of service (check or cash)

For additional information or to reserve a space in any of the classes listed above, please contact Kerry at