“Restore physical vitality, invigorate the mind, elevate the spirit"

J.H. Pilates

Pilates Palo Alto is located at 437 Cambridge Avenue in Palo Alto, CA near California Avenue. We offer private training in the Pilates method, Core Align, Bohdi Suspension and Foundation Training.

Pilates exercises are based on proper posture, body mechanics, and correct breathing, enabling you to form a more meaningful connection between mind and body. In addition to its fitness benefits, we use a post-rehabilitation approach to assist in recovery from sports injuries and can follow physicians' instruction for post-physical therapy exercise.

Core Align training redefines functional movement by integrating full body exercise with dynamic stabilization. For additional core and strength focus we offer the challenge of the Bohdi Suspension systems. Foundation Training exercises decompress and axially elongate the torso and neck, relieving back pain without hands on manipulation or mechanical intervention. You will feel the difference!

“It is the mind itself which builds the body" — J.H. Pilates